::   Environmental Policy ISO14001:2015 ::
  Environmental Policy ISO14001:2015
          STC intend to be responsible for public with environment and global warming, by setup team workers control to manufacture quality and safety products with consideration of environmental impact in all production process.
          We provide for the effective of our safety environmental. STC has the environmental policy as follow:
          1. Conduct by performing as ISO requirements and legal tender in strictly.
          2. Control and manage industrial waste and pollution in properly.
          3. Use our resources and energy in maximum utilization.
          4. Continual improvement of the environmental management system.
:: Quality Policy ISO9001:2015   ::
  Quality Policy ISO9001:2015
         STC is a steel coil center for shearing and slitting into sheets and coils. STC be engrossed in quality of product, and satisfaction of customer. STC has the quality policy as follow:
         1. We determine to produce the product to make our quality delivery and price to customer satisfaction, and know customer need and perception.
         2. Maintain and perform as the system requirements.
         3. Continual improvement for the better.


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